The two violent robberies of Paraiba

Paraiba is a beautiful state located in the northeast part of Brazil. It is popular due to its suitable environment for tourism as well as the growth of industries. Besides the presence of excellent weather and physical characteristics, it is also a state of many well-known personalities. Roberto Santiago is such a great person who is very popular in Paraiba. He is the owner of a mall named Manaira. It is one of the best malls in Brazil. There are vast numbers of stores as well as satellites in this mall. This mall can be easily termed as Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall because the overall aspects of this mall are no doubt the contribution of Roberto Santiago.

Another great person of Paraiba is Carlos Eduardo, who is a Chief Executive Officer of the communication system of Paraiba. It is a shame is that both these popular businessmen faced violent robbery in the presence of police. Such kind of robbery can easily frighten the people of Paraiba.

What happened with Roberto Santiago and Eduardo Carlos?

Josival Pereira who is a popular journalist of Paraiba and current secretary of communication of the capital describes how two famous businessmen of Paraiba face violent robbery. It was an incident of 30th October 2015. When Carlos Eduardo was in his own car, he was attacked by robbers. Robbers attacked his car with revolvers. So, it was really a dangerous incident.

Almost same kind of incident happened with Roberto Santiago. Here, he was not directly attacked by robbers but he along with a lawyer was present in the scene where such a violent robbery happened. On the next day of this incident, another robbery took place just near the Criminal Forum of the capital city of Joao Passoa in the daylight. Two robbers attacked with a revolver violently.

What is the reflection of the two incidents of robbery?

In the clear light of the afternoon, a violent robbery happened just near the justice palace. Many police are always present here. So, such robbery that took place in front of a posse of policeman does frighten the people of Paraiba. Such kind of violent activities against two great businessmen easily proves the inability of the police of the country.

So, how can the countrymen of Paraiba rely on a security system which is totally blind? There was another incident happened in Joao Pessoa which is also a shame for the police. A child aged four years was attacked by robbers when he celebrated his birthday on the 13th May. But, when any matter is related to some wealthiest people like Roberto Santiago and Eduardo Carlos then the government must at least take necessary steps to prevent it. The people of Paraiba await a proper step against such violent activities.

How two incidents of robbery effect in the country?

After the violent robbery against renowned businessmen Roberto Santiago and Eduardo Carlos, the government has taken some steps. Many new types of equipment, as well as weapons, have been brought. In current years, many police officials have been hired. But, there are still some wrong ways in their action. In Singapore, out of 100000 people, 61 are murdered by robbers. So, it is the proper time for the creation of a tight security system that is able to prevent such murders.

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