Salsa Costumes: What you should know about them


Many of us are looking for salsa costumes and that is because we certainly had the opportunity of taking part to an even that incorporates this type of dance and we will not be able to attend it wearing normal clothes. There are practically two main styles you will need to keep in mind when it comes to the dance and they are the American and International dances.

Costume for the woman

In what regards the latter, when the woman will choose salsa costumes she will need to focus on the ones which are attractive form the backside. Why? Well, in this style of dance she is going to be hold very close by the man and the front of her dress is going to be seen less compared to the back of it. This also means that the dress’ sleeves will not have to be very visible and that is due to the fact that the arms will be at a downward position. When it comes o the International style dresses, many of them feature feather boas. In a natural movement, this will add a lot to the elegance of the dress.

American style salsa costumes

At the same time, when it comes to the American style salsa costumes, they will need to be very functional. At all times during the dance they will need to stay in place, but also look attractive regardless of the angles they are watched from. On top of that, many times it seems that the woman will have her dress held up in plenty of her movies, so dress needs to look amazing while being held up like that, but also when it will be released to hang down. These gowns will generally feature a feather boa or nothing else.

You also need to keep in mind that when it comes to the American style costumes, they can also be exchanged for the International costumes. However, even if it is possible to have them replaced like that, the International ones will never be able to have the American costumes replaced.

Costume for the man

If you would like to select a salsa costume for your man, then you should know this is really simple. As a man, he will either go with a white tie tuxedo or with a black tie tuxedo.

It’s really important that regardless of the costumes the man and the woman has chosen, to have them complement each other in order to boast off a full effect of salsa dancing. There is also a rule of the thumb that many salsa couples follow and that is going with longer floor length gowns which are great for both white and black tie costumes. More to that, there are also occasions when it’s fine to have a black tie tuxedo combined with a shorter dress, yet not for a white tie. With that being said, it seems that by taking a look at these tips everyone will be able to choose their salsa costumes and have a great time on the dance floor!